Craig Timber Products are made from hardwood or pine and come in two standard sizes:

  • 1.165m x 1.165m
  • 1.100m x 1.100m

For a quote on our standard pallets click here

If the standard sizes do not suit your products we also specialise in building pallets to your specific needs See NON-STANDARD Pallets

We also stock a range of plastic pallets in various sizes.

Boxes & Crates

Our high quality boxes and crates, custom- made to your exact requirements, will safely and securely transport your products.

Our experienced box makers can package your machinery for domestic or export transport.

BOXES (Left)

Totally enclosed wooden boxes. Very secure method of packing goods for transport

CRATES (Right) are open slatted boxes.

Ideal for situations where you don't need to totally enclose your item, crates provide a cheaper alternative.

Industrial Timber

Our top quality hardwood or pine can be used for your pallets, cases, gluts or for fencing materials. We have a docking service to supply you with the exact lengths you need for your job.

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